The other day I was starting to feel discouraged about not seeing results… and then I remembered some advice I was giving someone else who was frustrated that they weren’t seeing results. I thought, I need to listen to my own advice! LOL One thing I have noticed as my body transitions, it’s almost like it has a mind of its own and keeps on holding out and holding out on making changes… it’s like it is putting you through a test to see how seriously you want these changes. Finally, after waiting an additional 2 weeks from when you THOUGHT you would see progress, it finally succumbs and BAM! fat is melting like crazy from that point forward (well until the next plateau.) So ask yourself this, “Will you pass the test?” Put your head down, focus, grind it out day after day feeling proud of the work you put in and don’t concern yourself with results for the time being. They WILL come when you prove to your body that you are serious and aren’t going to quit!